Portfolio update

I’ve updated the site with a copy of my professional print portfolio.  It is available here, or via the link on the menu.

I plan to spruce up the website further soon.  I may add some old video game reviews I wrote some years back and start doing more.  I would like to expand the site past being a place to put my portfolio online.

Several years later…

I figured since I had not updated this page in five-ish years, I might as well do so now.  I plan to upload my professional page design portfolio here at some point in the new future and rework the page to look a lot better.  I may even finally upload some video game reviews I had thought about putting here ages ago.

So aside from that, if you stumbled upon this place somehow, hello.

Post of the year

So…  Yeah.  This repository of not all that much is in need of an update.  So here we are.

I think the only thing I can add here is that I plan to move all the video game reviews I had originally published on a Blogger site to this site and finish updating my pagination portfolio with the work I’ve done in the last three years as a professional journalist.

All in all, just wanted to make sure the site was still here and such.

Still alive

Mostly just posting for the sake of posting something.

I plan to do some renovations here soon.  Given I’ve been working as a professional paginatior for the last two years, my portfolio is quite out of date.  I plan to pair down the college stuff to my best work and add some some good examples of what I’ve been doing for the last two years.

In the mean time, feel free to wander over to my slightly less infrequently updated blog – Games of a Misspent Youth – and read some off my musing on classic video games.

What’s going on?

Right.  So I haven’t posted anything for a while now.  Why?  Well, I got a job.  I’m working at the Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I’m working as a paginator.  I lay down stories and design newspaper pages.  I mainly work on the sports page, but also do some other sections.

I’ll start updating my portfolio with some stuff out of the Sentinel-Record eventually.  In the mean time, that’s what’s happening.